Pip's Perspective February 18, 2022

Hello everyone! 

Today I have a petition that I'd really appreciate you considering signing. It is about the Mayor's proposed Civil Asset Forfeiture Ordinance, also known as the Victim's Justice Ordinance. 

In the name of trying to prevent gun violence (a worthy cause) this ordinance instead steals from people who are very likely to be innocent. I'll spell it out for you...

Let's say there is a 16 year old kid named Lamar. Lamar is not in a gang. One day, he is spotted talking to Steve, who is suspected of being in a gang. Now, Lamar is listed as being in a gang, even though he is not. Under this act, assets can now be taken from him. But, he doesn't have any assets, like most 16 year olds. He drives his Grandma's car, though, and so that car gets taken. Other property he uses that is not his own is taken. This is how this ordinance works. People even loosely associated with people associated with gangs can lose their property or the property of their families. For black and brown people, who this is largely targeted against, and who are more likely to be targets of crime versus perpetrators, this financial loss can be devastating. 

I learned about this ordinance and petition through Live Free Chicago, an organization focused on gun violence, decarceration and police accountability. Instead of this discriminatory, harmful and non-facts-based ordinance, they will soon be proposing an Office of Gun Violence, which will be community-based and created through UIC's evidence-based Community Crime Lab. 

Please sign the petition here: https://livefreeillinois.org/af-ordinance/

Thank you! 


And, a reminder - This Sunday 2/20/22 at 6pm, we will be having our Black Movie Clips Screening. So far, two members have sent me clips from movies you enjoy that highlight Black History or Black Experience. I'd love a few more clips! I do have some picked out, as back-up, however, so this event will definitely be taking place. I hope to see you there!


Epiphany (Pip) Paris

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