Pip's Perspective February 4, 2022

Hello Everyone! 

Welcome to Black History Month! We will be honoring this month in a number of ways. For starters -- in the pulpit on Sunday mornings, the topics this month will all have to do with Black History. For example, on February 20, I will be preaching about Howard Thurman. We will additionally have a "Did You Know" segment lasting 2-3 minutes each service.

If you check out the flyer (below), we have given a number of ideas of movies you can watch and books to read. 

On February 20th, at 6pm, we will have a zoom event where we discuss film clips and their impact on us. Please, between then and now, look at the list of movies on the flyer, and email me with a favorite clip or two from one of these films.  On that evening, I will have the clips cued up and ready to play, so we can have a bit of discussion about what we watch! 




Hope to see you for these ways of honoring Black history! 


Epiphany (Pip) Paris

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