Pip's Perspective May 13, 2022



Letting you know that tomorrow there is a “Rally for Abortion Justice” rally tomorrow at Union Park at 9:30am at Union Park. There was a rally last Saturday, too, which I attended, and there are going to be likely weekly rallies on this cause. The list of coalition groups leading this rally is sizeable, and you can see them here.


Abortion is yet another issue which has been politicized, but is not inherently political. I believe that each human has a right to decide what to do with their body. If someone dies in a car accident, for example, their organs cannot be used to save other people’s lives unless the deceased gave permission for this before they passed away. Pregnancy should be no different. It is hard work carrying and delivering a child, it is literally life-risking to do so even in the case of healthy pregnancies, so nobody should be forced to carry a child any more than someone should be forced to donate their organs. I’d be happy to discuss this further, if you’d like you can contact me about this or other subjects. 


Also, I want to remind you that my last day of the first year of my internship is May 29th. I’ll be back in September for another school work of serving Broadway United Methodist! This Summer I’m taking a class called “Queer Theology” and I’m going to be busy moving to Edgewater so that we can live close to what is going to be my child’s High School, Senn. Wren (formerly known as Joy) will be attending Senn’s Visual Arts program! I will miss you over the summer, and will be looking forward to seeing you in the fall again!