Pip's Perspective November 19, 2021

Hi everyone! 

A couple things this week.

First, a reminder. Tonight we are celebrating Native American Heritage Month with a talk by Ron Kanutski. Ron is of Ojibway and Cree roots and is from the Bear Clan. Ron Kanutski is a cultural teacher, group facilitator, comedian, and musician who is a long-term resident of Thunder Bay ON. I know Ron from my time being involved with Midwest SOARRING Foundation (Save Our Ancestors Resources and Remains Indiginous Network Group). I participated in a talking circle that Ron facilitated. He is funny, enlightening, and brilliant. I highly recommend you attend! Link further on in the enews.

I know that originally we were going to celebrate this month with Bill Buchholtz. Bill was unable to make it because his sister requested he attend a water symposium at the Lac Courte Orielle reservation, discussing ways to protect indigenous and sacred waterways. This is important work, and of course I understood why he needed to change his plans. I know that we will have a lovely time with Ron, as we would have with Bill.

The other thing I'd like to mention today is about our Thanksgiving event next week. There is an option to have food delivered to your home, or you can come dine with us at the church itself. I will be at the church, and I'd also like to share that my child Joy (they/them pronouns) will also be attending. Here's the link to sign up for delivery or dine-in. Hope to see you next Thursday, either when I'm delivering food to you or if you are attending in person!

Epiphany (Pip) Paris