Pip's Perspective October 7, 2022

Hello Broadway Family,


I’m very much looking forward to our Hispanic Heritage movie night coming up this Sunday. It is at 7pm on Sunday, October 9th on zoom. A few people have submitted clips, I’d love more suggestions of clips we can watch together and discuss!


In the welcome statement that is read at the beginning of every worship service, we try to list as many social identities as we can think of. This is because we are all truly God’s beloved children, people of all skin colors and heritages. White supremacy and xenophobia are baked into our country, and it is our work to dismantle all prejudices in order to best love one another.  Sometimes these prejudices can lead people to forget that Hispanic people can be white, and to assume that people of Hispanic Heritage are from somewhere else. Whether a Hispanic person is black, brown or white or somewhere in between, grew up in the United States or elsewhere, every person is a child of God, equal in His/Her sights. Life in its full complexity is often ignored when we close off our hearts to one another.


Jesus calls us to love our neighbors as ourselves, and one way to do this is by growing our appreciation for the experiences and stories of a diversity of folks. Watching and discussing films or film clips can be a great avenue for this work of deepening love. Movies based on fictional scripts, in particular, feature people who cannot be hurt by our discussions of their depiction and stories. However, these movies often reveal cultural realities that real people struggle with. 



So, I hope you join me this Sunday! I’d love to see you!