Alka's Angle

  • Easter is over, folks, now what? For some this is a struggle! But, here is what I think: Yes, the celebration of Easter day is over, but Easter has just begun, because you see every day after resurrection is Easter (liturgically we are in Easter-tide or Easter season). 

  • By the time you get this email, we will be in the longest three days of a Christian’s life. This is my favorite season though! For some people Christmas is special and for some Easter is blessed, but I love Good Friday! I believe there would not have been an Easter if there was no Good Friday. Because of the experience of Good Friday, I am able to appreciate Easter and the promise it brings. Good Friday reminds us that none of us are exempt from bad things happening to us -- even Jesus experienced the evils of this world -- but in resurrection Jesus gave us the promise of eternal life, and that reminder is what helps us go through the difficult parts of our life journey! 

  • And, let us remember that even though our building is closed -- our church is very much active and connected. Here are a few ways we have continued to stay connected with our community, and we invite you to join us at any of these events:

  • Beloveds, there is nothing I can say to you that you have not already heard, like -- remember to wash your hands, to not get out of your homes, to be careful, and to take care of yourselves. But we have heard that many times already. We know all of that intellectually and practically. I simply want to remind us that we are all in this together -- no one knows how to deal with it or process it! We are all learning by experiencing it. In the midst of all the uncertainty and anxiety, I invite us to a few things that are also important and might keep us busy in a different way:

  • Wao! Who would have thought we would ever experience this! I don’t think any one of us who are alive today have gone through a pandemic like this. The last time our world had experienced something of such magnitude, according to CDC, was the Spanish Flu in 1918.