• "Change your hearts and minds, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"

    These words of Jesus entreat us towards a radical change, a change within our own selves. At the time, they were a radical political statement, stating that God was more powerful than the mighty emperor, that the kingdom of God on Earth, right now, right here, was possible!

  • When I began this internship in the fall of '21, I was open about not self-identifying as Christian. However, I did express a willingness to talk and preach about Jesus, as I did feel he was divine and a great teacher, healer and on the side of the oppressed. In my first (school year), my theological development was centered around deepening my comfort and knowledge around talking about Jesus. Over the Summer break, due to personal situations, I came to a deeper appreciation around the gifts of forgiveness and grace that Jesus offers. I also came to a theological way to integrate my existing spiritual beliefs with the belief in the grace offered by Jesus. 

  • Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I hope to see you at the candlelight Christmas Eve service tomorrow at 4:30pm. This is a special time that I look forward to every year and I believe that this will be a beautiful moment to share together in the miracle of the holiday. We’ve been working hard to prepare for this time together, and I hope to see you there!