Pip's Perspective

  • Super Bowl Sunday is this Sunday! I only mention this because we were planning to have our Black History Month Movie Night on Sunday. However, many people will be watching the game, and this is the first time both quarterbacks are Black! So, this event is history in the making, no matter which team wins. If you watch, I hope you enjoy the game!

  • This last week in worship, I talked a bit about faith formation of kids in our congregation. I talked about how the time for young Christians during worship and Sunday school after worship are about introducing ideas, not about perfecting our understandings of things.

  • A couple of things, for today:

    First of all, Alexia has been so kind as to create a QR code for our BUMC Love and Resistance Playlist for us, which will be in the printed announcements; here is the link if already online. You can click on the videos to play them. You are invited to listen to these songs and reflect on how we can co-create the Beloved Community in our lives! 

  • "Change your hearts and minds, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand!"

    These words of Jesus entreat us towards a radical change, a change within our own selves. At the time, they were a radical political statement, stating that God was more powerful than the mighty emperor, that the kingdom of God on Earth, right now, right here, was possible!