Pip's Perspective

  • Today, in the US, it is Veteran’s Day. Whether or not we each agree with individual wars or war as concept at all, I think it’s important that we recognize those who have served in the armed forces. 

  • This last week in worship, we celebrated "All Saints Sunday." This was a day to honor our dear and departed beloveds. We celebrated in the bulletin, where names were listed in print. Also, there were two stations in the sanctuary where people were invited to write names onto ribbons and pin those ribbons onto white fabric banners stating "Unbound and Free." Additionally, we lit a candle in honor of all who have passed.

  • In yesterday's Spiritual Practice Group, we read a poem by John Wesley (the founder of methodism). Before now, we've always done our personal contemplation about scripture, but I thought we could try something new. 

  • I have an exciting update to share with you! We are now officially beginning the brainstorming process for the social justice work we will be doing together as a church! I'm hoping that everybody, and I do mean every single person, will participate in this process. It's easy, and it means a lot to us to have everyone's input.