Pip's Perspective

  • Welcome to Black History Month! We will be honoring this month in a number of ways. For starters -- in the pulpit on Sunday mornings, the topics this month will all have to do with Black History. For example, on February 20, I will be preaching about Howard Thurman. We will additionally have a "Did You Know" segment lasting 2-3 minutes each service.

  • I have met so few of you! So I will be beginning to do 1:1’s, and calling members of the community. I’ll be asking you about yourself, your relationship with Broadway, and your vision for Broadway. 

  • This week, Pastor Alka and I went to a workshop hosted by ONE Northside about the Bring Chicago Home resolution,which is about creating more Single Room Occupancies and Permanent Supportive Housing, both which are needed to combat rampant homelesssness in Chicago. The resolution would funnel $80 million every year to permanent supportive housing and SRO preservation. The money would be raised by increasing the Real Estate Transfer tax on properties worth over $1 million. This is a one-time tax paid at the point of sale, and our proposed increase would not affect 96% of property sales. 

  • I hope and trust that your holidays were pleasant, rewarding and peaceful. I know that holidays can be a tough time (as can be winter!) so if you ever need to talk, feel free to reach out! I have a couple of opportunities to share from ONE Northside.