Pip's Perspective

  • First, a reminder. Tonight we are celebrating Native American Heritage Month with a talk by Ron Kanutski. Ron is of Ojibway and Cree roots and is from the Bear Clan. Ron Kanutski is a cultural teacher, group facilitator, comedian, and musician who is a long-term resident of Thunder Bay ON. I know Ron from my time being involved with Midwest SOARRING Foundation (Save Our Ancestors Resources and Remains Indiginous Network Group). I participated in a talking circle that Ron facilitated. He is funny, enlightening, and brilliant. I highly recommend you attend! Link further on in the enews.

  • Last week I shared how advocating for the Home Birth Safety Act was a radicalizing turning point in my life. My child, Joy, was just a baby when that happened. Joy's early years were all radicalizing for me, partly because I was a single mother. I was unable to find work outside of the home that would pay enough for childcare plus living expenses, so I nannied for a living. Seeing how hard this was, raising other people's children alongside my own, on my own, was very radicalizing. 

  • I'd love to share a story with you. This is a moment of radicalization for me. I've had many. Some say you get more conservative as you age, but this has been absolutely false for me. Events in my life and awareness of political realities has only made me more radical and wanting to change the structures in this world to be more equitable.

  • “Nobody's Free Until Everybody's Free.” What do you think about this quote by Fanny Lou Hamer? Where does this quote hit you in your body? It hits me right in my gut. I believe it with my whole self. 

  • If you listened to my sermon this last Sunday, you learned that when I was a teenager I wanted to be a missionary. What happened to my career goals after that dream fell through?