Pip's Perspective May 27, 2022

Hello everyone! 

As I've mentioned before, my last day of this school year's internship is May 29th. That means that this is the last "Pip's Perspective" until next fall. I will be back in September, and over the Summer I'll be busy moving Wren and myself to Edgewater. I will miss you! 

This has been a year of growth for me, thanks to you. I have gotten much more comfortable with the roles of a minister, including preaching but also so much more! I also have gotten more comfortable talking about, studying and preaching about Jesus. When I interviewed for this internship, I told Alka that I believe that Jesus is divine, a great teacher, a rebel, and always on the side of the oppressed. I still believe this, and if anything, my love for and admiration of Jesus has grown. I'd say that also my perspective on his ministry has gotten more nuanced, especially through bible study, sometimes he got annoyed at his disciples, for example! He was definitely divine, but he was also human and not perfect. At least in my perspective. 

Next year, we will be re-building the social justice committee. For this, we will need people from the church to be ready to serve in a leadership capacity! I hope you consider joining us, in doing God's work out in the community! 


For now, though, I look forward to worship this Sunday, Sunday School, and our Asian American and Pacific Islander movie night, where we will watch movie clips and discuss.



I look forward to seeing you, maybe Sunday, but for sure again in the Fall!


Epiphany (Pip) Paris