Alka's Angle April 30, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,


While the impact of COVID is lesser with each passing day here in this country, it is far from managed in many other countries. India and Brazil have seen the highest number of confirmed cases, followed by France, Turkey and Russia.


Friends, needless to say this is heavy on my heart. My family is in India and in the thick of it. Several family members and friends are fighting the virus at home or in hospitals. Every day we learn of more people who have been diagnosed positive or have lost their fight with COVID. The situation is dangerous and the need for the international community to extend our support to India and other countries is high. I am grateful for our President who has extended that help and is sending the aid that we can, to ease the burden for the people in India.


The United Methodist Church is also doing what we can through the United Methodist Committee on relief (UMCOR) by purchasing emergency equipment, hospital beds and all that we are able to help with. In reality, “UMCOR has been working with health boards, medical professionals, disaster management coordinators and faith leaders to prevent the further spread of this disease,” and invite our support. “Through the UMCOR COVID-19 Response fund, grants will be rapidly released to equip partners to assist vulnerable populations around the world impacted by COVID-19, including racial/ethnic and indigenous communities in the United States."


Friends, please consider supporting the work of UMCOR around the globe by making donations to the special advance # 3022612. Remember 100% of the donations go to the work because United Methodist Church already has staff for this work. Use this link to make donations to this special advance #.


While we continue to fight the pandemic of COVID, we cannot lose our focus from the racial pandemic. Lakeview Presbyterian Church and us have started to hold prayer vigils on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays @6:00pm, hosting on alternate Wednesdays. We will be hosting on Wednesday, May 12th. Get the date on your calendars. We will share more as we get closer to the day.

Beloveds, let us continue to stand against all acts of violence, extend care and support for folks we encounter, and make this world a better place for all persons. And remember, I am always your partner in this work of justice!