Alka's Angle August 5, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,


The last 2 years had been a challenge, to say the least, and even though I did take some time off during those years, because of the pandemic and other circumstances, it was always difficult to be gone on Sundays.


This year, I am grateful to Rev. Lou Pence, Lee Rollins and Rebecca Limestall who have filled in as preachers, liturgists and have even been available for pastoral care in emergency situations, which has allowed me Sundays off. Thank you for enabling me to afford this much needed break. I am also grateful to Robert Galbreath Jr., our wonderful Director of Music Ministries who takes on extra responsibility when I am on vacation. 


For this Sunday, those at home- don’t forget to have something to eat and drink by you as you get ready for worship. If you need communion elements let us know- we can still deliver the pre-packaged elements to you. I look forward to seeing you all next Sunday, August 14th with outside worship and a scrumptious meal to follow. And don’t forget- we are collecting schools supplies for the give-away in September. We need backpacks, pencils, notebooks, crayons, color pencils, markers, erasers, binders, folders etc. I am hoping to have 50 sets of supplies to give away. Your generous donations are needed. 


Friends, please take good care of yourself and always be aware of your surroundings. Be good neighbors and great allies to all our neighbors- near and far. Let us to always strive to do better, and to do all we can to create a just and safer place for this generation and leave a livable world for the generations to come. 




And remember God loves you and so do I, and I look forward to seeing you in worship. 


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