Alka's Angle December 30, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,

I am sure you heard it too! I have heard many people speculate that, if we are not able to keep the infections numbers under control then the coming year could feel like a 2020 too, instead of 2022! I hope not, but I also recognize the possibility of it happening, if we are unable to get more people vaccinated!


So, I urge you to please continue to pay attention to the updates, and do what is necessary to keep yourself and everyone around you safe. This should not mean we stop doing what we desire/need to do. I am thinking of Mary and Joseph who were told by the angel to flee to Egypt because King Herod was looking for Jesus, and only after his death the instruction came for them to return to their home. Even though Jesus and his family were refugees in a foreign land, they continued to live their lives as best as they could! Like Jesus’ family -- circumstances may be difficult around us, and to stay safe we may need to take some precautions and make some adjustments, but we can keep going!

Beloveds, let us say goodbye to the year 2021, with gratitude for all that it made possible, and let us welcome 2022 with open arms -- prepared to face whatever it may have in store for us. 

Looking ahead to the first Sunday of 2022, celebrated in the liturgical calendar as ‘Epiphany Sunday.’ We will celebrate that Sunday as “Pajamuary Sunday” -- yes, you heard it right, and if you desire you can come to church in your PJ’s on that Sunday.  As we remember the early days of Jesus’ life and the struggles the family had to go through, we are also reminded us of all the young ones and their families who do not have enough resources. 

In January we will be collecting new items for babies and children: diapers, wipes, onesies, PJ’s, socks and all. We will have a bin at church for you to bring your donations on January 2nd and throughout the month. We will distribute the donations between Refugee ONE, and “Cradles to Crayons.” If you can’t bring the donations, please access their Amazon wish list here

Friends, let us keep HOPE alive in our lives in a way that reminds us of the promises we have in Jesus, and gives us the courage to face the new year with renewed determination and confidence.
Also remember the office is closed till Monday, January 3rd. Please check in with Woo Evans, for any pastoral emergencies.   


I wish you all a happy, healthy and hope filled start of the year 2022. Please stay safe and take good care of yourself. I will see you at church.  


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