Alka's Angle February 15, 2020

Dear Broadway community,


We have been talking about the state of the United Methodist Church for months now, but the reality is that most churches are experiencing this decline in membership. I know in this situation it is normal for regular church goers to feel depleted, disappointed and spent.

Ron Edmondson, a church and organizational leadership consultant, gives a few suggestions of what congregations could do if they find themselves in similar situations. He suggests that churches:

  • Evaluate -- ask hard questions, and involve visitors in this evaluating process
  • Own it -- without pretending, blaming, denying or avoiding.
  • Address major, obvious Issues -- and work hard on resolving them.
  • Find alignment -- with those one or two things that we all can feel passionate about.
  • Regroup -- in-spite of all the discouragement and disappointment.
  • Reignite -- and direct energy to where it matters most -- fulfilling the church’s mission.
  • Celebrate -- every success, reminding everyone that God is still moving among us.


“If you want to see the church growing again,” he says, “I strongly encourage you to be intentional. Be willing to ask for help. Raise the white flag and invite honest dialogue." (If you wish to read the whole article, click here.)

Beloveds, let us have honest conversations about this. What does this decline mean for Broadway? How can we help one another? What do you suggest? What can we change? What can we do differently? What are we not seeing? If you have a suggestion, email me at  


I hope to see you at church, and I pray that God will give all of us the strength we need for each day to do the work that we are called to do. And remember, I am always your partner in justice.