Alka's Angle February 26, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,

Last Sunday, as part of the Lenten ritual, we were invited to touch/hold a piece of beach glass that we had received in our Lenten kits and be reminded that just as each piece of that glass is completely unique, we too are uniquely and beautifully created.

And, we were invited to prayerfully explore what will we do this Lenten season, to claim our identity as a uniquely created beloved child of God, and begin our journey towards the healing of our body, mind, and spirit?


For me -- a helpful way is to take the focus off of me and pay attention to the needs around me. With COVID precautions, and the recent weather conditions there is so much need around us to respond to.


  • Chicago experienced 9 consecutive days of measurable snow with temperatures that made it difficult for people to stay caught up with the shoveling and ploughing. With warmer temperatures approaching folks around us might try to dig their cars out or just clear their driveways. No one would refuse a helping hand with that!
  • While more and more people are getting vaccinated for COVID each day, we still have a long way to go. Checking in on our neighbors and friends periodically can be a rewarding experience for us as well.
  • Looking beyond Chicago -- we are all aware of the devastation the state of Texas has experienced -- power blackouts, loss of heat and broken pipes. As the snow and ice melts, flooding will be their next concern. The same storm system spawned tornados in the Carolinas. UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) is providing immediate funding to assist and will provide long-term support once the damage is fully assessed. To donate to UMCOR, click here. (100% of the donations are used for the relief work- no administrative costs are taken out)
  • In addition to these ways of thinking and helping other people -- meditation is another way for us to center and connect with our inner being so we can hear the voice of God affirming for us that we are God’s beloved!


And don’t forget to take some time to look at the reflection pages for this week.


Together, let us continue on this journey towards health and wholeness. Let us claim our identity as a beloved child of God, and let us remember to do all we can to make this world a better place for all who live in it.