Alka's Angle January 8, 2019

Dear Broadway Family,

     What a year 2018 has been! There is so much the world went through. The year was filled with excellent experiences and complicated challenges, but all of them contributed to make us who we are, and for that I am grateful!

As a church, our experiences were not different. We experienced successes and challenges. In the past year we


  • Continued our relationship with our building partners -- Dignity Chicago and Makom Shalom Congregations and all the support groups, theatre groups and choir groups.
  • We added a new building partner in Dr. Alberto Varona.
  • We got a new roof on our building.
  • Robert Galbreath Jr. joined the Broadway staff as our new Director of Music Ministries.
  • With grants and donations we were able to buy a new projector for the sanctuary.
  • We started a new relationship with Brookdale Senior Living, where we lead worship services, Bible Studies and hymn sings every week.
  • We said goodbye to our Student Intern Jessie Cummins and welcomed Savannah Gross as our new Student Intern.
  • We said our earthly goodbyes to Bevis Clark and Janet Bose and several other family and friends of Broadway family -- including little Ewan Lill.
  • We attempted to move to one service only on Sundays, but quickly came back to two services.
  • Several longtime members changed their relationships with Broadway, while many new faces became regular worshippers.
  • We supported at least 24 local and international ministries financially.
  • We continue to struggle financially and numerically.


     As we enter the New Year, we will continue to be the church on the corner of Broadway and Buckingham, even as


  • We continue to struggle financially and numerically;
  • The United Methodist Church continues to prepare for the Special called General Conference and we await the outcome of it;
  • We continue to work towards making this community, our community and our world a safe place for all God’s people.


     People of God, let us be agents of God’s love in this hurting world. Let us build one another, instead of tear one another apart. Let us love one another and support one another. And, of course, pray for one another. Prayerfully, I remain your partner in justice.

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