Alka's Angle July 10, 2019

Dear Broadway Family,

At church this past Sunday we talked about the story of the healing of Naaman. Instead of coming out to meet him when Naaman approaches Prophet Elisha’s home, he sent a messenger to Naaman instructing him to dip in the river Jordan seven times to be healed. Naaman gets upset with this treatment. He expected the prophet to come out and greet him for he was a person of power. Naaman would have missed the opportunity to be healed, if his attendants had not intervened and suggested he dip in the river as instructed by the prophet.

How often do we find ourselves in similar situations? In our limited view, biased approach or simple oversight even, we sometimes get caught in situations and thus miss the blessings that could be ours. 

Community is an important and integral part of our existence and survival. We are called to support and care for one another. 



What is happening with the immigrant kids in our country may not be news to anyone anymore, but the conditions in which these persons are being held are inhumane. No one should have to live like this, especially in a country that has the most resources.  As followers of Christ we are called to stand against these injustices. At church on Sunday we mentioned that advocates say the fastest way to help immigrants is by posting bail for them. If you wish to give in this way, feel free to support the National Bond Fund Network, the Chicago Community Bond Fund, or directly to any other bond fund that you trust more (National Bail Fund Network Directory).




I do understand that some of us may not have the financial freedom to participate in this way.

Another way we can make a difference is by collecting donations for hygiene kits that the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR) is sending to these detention camps. Click here for the list of supplies. We will make announcements about when we will come to church to pack these kits, but I also heard some folks talking about having their own packing parties at home. If you are one of those, here is a link for assembly instructions and a packing label to Sager Brown.

If any financial contribution is a stretch for you, then you can call your Congress person. Friends as I said in church -- not all of us can do everything but every one of us can do something! Let us commit to doing what we can so we can make this world a better place for at least one other person. 

On a different note -- I am excited to get to spend another year with you all at Broadway. I look forward to growing with you as a human and as a person of faith! Let us try new things! Let us not be afraid of failing or falling. Let us live boldly, love passionately and serve compassionately. Our God calls us to show love, share love, and respond in love. May we find ways to express our faith in the love to all who may intentionally or unintentionally cause us harm. 



Friends, let us work towards becoming a church where all can feel welcome, all can feel accepted and all feel loved. And remember, I am always your partner in justice!