Alka's Angle July 22, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,


Years ago I made a statement which was completely misunderstood! I had gotten my hair cut short after a family wedding, so I said, “Wedding Over, Hair Cut!” I was completely shocked when I learned that someone had misunderstood that statement to say my ‘honeymoon’ period at Broadway was over and I was ready to get my way. 


Things like this happen all the time, but it is even more challenging when such language is intentionally used for political purpose. bell hooks wrote, “Shifting how we think about language and how we use it necessarily alters how we know what we know.” Anti Racism Daily teaches us how to decode some of the words used in politics. For example- the word IMMIGRANT means someone who moves from one country to another. But, if you are a well-off white person in a non-white country, the term becomes “expats” or “digital nomads.” Americans in Hong Kong are “expats,” but Filipino domestic workers are considered immigrants. Americans in Mexico are expats, but Mexicans in the U.S. are immigrants. The difference is that expats are not expected to assimilate or pledge allegiance to their new homes, but Immigrants are expected to not only assimilate but adopt all practices of the country.  You can learn here about other terms that mean different in different context. 


I also invite us to be mindful when we hear similar terms and how they might be used to treat different people differently, and to always be willing to live out our baptismal covenant to raise our voices against any injustice.


Speaking of baptism, I am excited to share that this Sunday we will be receiving 4 persons into the membership of the Broadway community and baptizing one of them. Please be sure to join us and bless the newest members of our church.


And beloveds, let us always be good neighbors and great allies to all our neighbors- near and far. Let us always strive to learn and be better, and do all we can to create a fairer and safer place for our generations, and leave a livable world for the generations to come. 


And remember God loves you and so do I, and I look forward to seeing you in worship. 


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