Alka's Angle July 31, 2020

Dear Broadway Community,

If you are following our governor’s daily briefings then you know that our state reported 1,772 COVID cases yesterday -- highest number of cases in more than 2 months. Governor Pritzker suggested that our state is reaching the ‘danger point,’ and inviting residents to ‘pay attention’ --  to wear masks, maintain safe distancing and wash hands as frequently as we can.


Following our governor’s and head of IDPH, Dr. Ngozi Ezike’s suggestions, Broadway Ministry Advocates made the decision to POSTPONE our plan for in-person worship to start this Sunday, August 2nd. We will NOT be in the building this Sunday. The new tentative date is September 6th, if the state, city and our church’s lay leadership will feel it is safe to do so.


Rep John Lewis had written an essay a shortly before his passing, to be published on the day of his funeral in which he called all persons to "answer the highest calling of your heart and stand up for what you truly believe." I believe that one of the way we can live into this call is by honoring the sacred worth of every human and every life. We can do that by:

  • Participating in actions that support the end of the unnecessary and brutal murders of black and brown humans. 
  • Wearing our masks every time we leave home and, stay home as much as we can.
  • Using our right to vote and elect state and federal leaders that will work for the betterment of the whole nation.

Also, I had hoped to have communion this Sunday, but with the cancellation of in person worship and only a few communion kits picked up, we will again have a ‘love feast’ this Sunday where everyone gets their ‘comfort food’ and drink for us to commune together virtually. Please sign up here for communion sets to pick up or have it delivered to you.

Beloveds, I want to end this with the final words of Rep John Lewis: “(let us) walk with the wind, (beloveds) brothers and sisters, and let the spirit of peace and the power of everlasting love be your (our) guide.” Let us remember to speak with one another with respect, even if our opinions and beliefs are different. May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice and in ministry,