Alka's Angle June 24, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,


This morning has been hard on many of us. You may have heard by now that Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, taking away the right of people to control their bodies and anything that happens to them.



These are difficult times for so many of us and especially for all those who do not fit the binary- people who are Immigrants and LGBTQIA+ and all others. And even though in Illinois we can feel safe, we can’t ignore all those who are afraid for their safety and well-being. Also I wonder where will this end. With the reversal of abortion rights, what will be next? What other privileges will be taken away from folk who do not fit the white male classification? Friends this is scary for many of us for many reasons, and therefore those of us who have any level of privilege, need to keep our eyes and ears open and speak up when ever we feel the need to, and show up where we can and even where we need to.



On that note, I was to remind us that this Sunday is PRIDE SUNDAY! Traditionally our church has marched in the parade, but since I have COVID, I will not be marching in the parade this year and would love if many of you can. Please let me know if you can.



And, worship will be shorter this Sunday. We will offer zoom and face book but there may not be time for fellowship.


 We also continue to collect school supplies which we will distribute to any and all desiring kids in September, Please bring your donations on Sundays or any day during the week when the office is open. You can always leave them at the parsonage door also.


Beloveds, Jesus calls us to ‘seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God’ always. Our world is needing us to remember this every moment of our lives, and to so all we can to resist evil and injustice, staying faithful to our baptismal covenant. May we continue to strive to do our best, be our best and do all we can to leave a livable world for the generations to come, and a safer place for our generations.


And remember God loves you and so do I, and I look forward to seeing you in worship.  


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