Alka's Angle June 5, 2020

Dear Broadway community,


The last 7 days have been a whirlwind of emotions. Our whole world has changed with the killing of #GeorgeFloyd. Let me be clear though! I am not saying this was the first time it happened, but that video of the brutal assault has become an undeniable evidence for the world. And, the world is responding! Yes, the world! There are reports of protests in London, Paris, the Netherlands and some 50 cities world-wide -- all protesting against the pandemic of racism. 


I am grateful that we are coming to the streets in hundreds and thousands to raise our voices against this virus that has been silently hollowing our moral and social world. People of color and all minority identities have, for long, been discriminated against and treated as collateral damage. So, I am grateful for all the folk that are showing up to add their voices against this injustice. I do, however, want to take a minute to remind us that how we show up is also important! 


Beloved white allies -- please listen, carefully, to what the people of color are saying and follow that! Here is wonderful article on how our white allies can show up for us against the injustice. I am also linking Rev. Nadia Bolz Weber’s pastoral letter which includes a number of books and resources. Her letter also includes info on an anti-racism workshop by the Rev. Dr. Jacqui Lewis. The event is also linked here.

Friends, as Broadway community, we continue to stand with those who demand justice. People have power! We are already seeing sign of it, but we can’t stop. We need to keep the pressure for systemic changes to happen! We need to keep saying the names of those whose lives are silenced unnecessarily and brutally. I am grateful to all of you who are showing up in your ways -- remember not everyone has to join a protest. What is important is that each one does our part -- whether that means calling the public officials, donating to the Bond Fund, checking in on your friends, specially the people of color -- any or all of these things count! 

Church related news: you are still invited to do short 2-4 minute video, to connect with your community -- no need to sign up, when you feel it, do it! Another pleasant surprise -- Mack will preach this Sunday! We had arranged that preCOVID, in which case I would be at Annual Conference by Sunday. I am not going obviously, but Mack is still following through! Yay Mack! I am grateful! Our meetings remain on zoom for a while longer (phase-3 still does not allow us in the building).

And remember: quick links to weekly events are available on our events page. I would like to check-in with all the young adults to see how we want to proceed, so please be sure to join on June 8th. 


May God give all of us the strength we need for each day. And remember, I am always your partner in justice and in ministry,