Alka's Angle June 8, 2024

Dear Broadway Community, 


And just like that we are in June! Schools are wrapping up, graduates are being celebrated, vacation plans are underway, and with all that we celebrate that this is PRIDE month!

I have lots of other things I need to remind us of but first this flag- I love the effort to be inclusive by trying to include colors that represent various orientations and identities. And, even  if this is not an official flag I appreciate the work that is done here. This is a good reminder to us to “do better when we know better.”

As we celebrate this month let us always be intentional in doing all we can to be inclusive of all people, all identities, all abilities and all nationalities. We will continue our celebration at church with our sermon series on the ‘Prayer of Jesus’ but don’t forget this Sunday, June 9th, we are going to Holy Covenant UMC to worship with them at 10:30am. After worship we will get a tour of their building, if you so desire. We will continue to proceed with the sermon series on June 16th and 23rd. On July 16th we will be joined by members of Holy Covenant UMC and give them a tour of our building.


June 30th is the PRIDE PARADE!  We will worship at 9:30am that Sunday and will be joined by many other United Methodist Churches and churches that are part of the Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches. This start time will enable those who desire to go to the Parade after worship.


We also have the Northern Illinois Annual Conference scheduled for this month, so Paula and I will be heading to Schaumburg early next week to attend the Conference and, among other necessary work, celebrate the decisions made at General Conference. We will also be taking your donations with us. Don’t forget to bring donations of hand towels (no kitchen towels), washcloths (no dishcloths), and Gallon Resealable Plastic Bags.


Beloveds, I continue to be grateful for all of you for always showing up in the best way you can, so together we can continue to be the church that God has called us to be. 


Be blessed, and be a blessing to all you meet, and I look forward to seeing you all at church.