Alka's Angle June 9, 2023

Dear Broadway Family, 


Paula and I just returned from the 184th session of the Northern Illinois Annual Conference. We met from June 6-8th at the Renaissance Convention Center in Schaumburg, IL. As always it was a joyous to see so many of our clergy colleagues and lay partners in ministry, but this year was exceptionally sad also, as we voted on disaffiliations.


At the clergy session in May we had already voted for 4 Northern Illinois clergy to leave the denomination. At this session we voted for 8 congregations who had gone through the process and fulfilled all necessary requirements to disaffiliate. While we are sad for them to leave, we are grateful that they have chosen to separate and be in this world who God has called them to be.


I am grateful that we have only lost 8 out the 400+ churches in Northern Illinois while other conferences are losing larger numbers. According to the latest reports, by the end of this year, we anticipate losing about 5000 congregations out of 30,000 nationwide. I invite us to pray for the congregations that have chosen to disaffiliate without a unanimous vote- may those left as United Methodists find communities around them that will embrace them into the fold and care for them.


At Broadway, remember- 


  • We need pet treats and volunteers on June 17th, for the 2nd Annual Adopt and Shop event.  
  • Chicago PRIDE FEST is scheduled for June 17-18th so give yourself extra time if you drive to church.
  • The Chicago Coalition of Welcoming Churches (CCWC) has planned a PRIDE Worship for Saturday, June 17th in Hyde Park.
  • Like every year Broadway United Methodist Church will march with the CCWC in the PRIDE PARADE, on Sunday June 25th. The theme for 2023 is “God’s Love Embraces and TRANSforms All.”  We invite EVERYONE to march with us and let the Lakeview community know that Broadway UMC is alive and well and welcomes all God’s people! 
  • We are getting ready to start collecting donations for the SCHOOL SUPPLY GIVEAWAY.  More information will be shared soon.
  • We continue our fundraiser to get the organ fixed and media upgraded! We invite you to contribute towards the repair (almost $6000) by clicking here to use our donation page. We hope to get the organ repaired as soon as we possibly can. 


Beloveds, Jesus healed, taught, spoke with passion and looked at people with compassion, but Jesus also overturned the tables of money changers and spoke against the abuse of power by the Roman authorities. Jesus called out the wrongs he witnessed, and did not shy away from standing against the oppressive practices. We are called to do the same. We are called to ‘seek justice, love kindness and walk humbly with our God’ always. May we continue to strive to do our best, be our best and do all we can to leave a livable world for the generations to come, and a safer place for our generations.


Be blessed beloveds, and I look forward to seeing you in church.