Alka's Angle March 11, 2022

Dear Broadway Family,


As I see it, our Lenten series doesn’t only invite us to slow down and tend to the ‘present,’ or to not get bogged down by the to-do list or by focusing on the ladder “climbing.”


The series also invites us to take care of ourselves. The world that we love demands so much from us all the time that we can easily get tired and discouraged. Being reminded that we are ‘god enough’ for God takes the pressure away from us and also frees us to be our true selves.         

I recently read an article titled "Why are you pouring from your own cup?" by Olivia Kamil Smarr. She reminds us that we can not pour from an empty cup and challenges us to not get guilted by the demands of the world and sometimes even the institutions we associate with, and focus on caring for ourselves. This sounds so counter cultural but it makes so much sense.

This season -- let us pay intentional attention to our own needs and tend to them before we say yes to other things. This season may we spend intentional time in prayer, in tending to our souls and to not worry about ‘what will people say’ or about guilt-giving. This does not mean we need not give, but that we give only when we feel energized and when we feel ready!

Beloveds, this season may we find places where we can sit and ‘be,’ paying attention to our selves, our heart and our needs. May we find rest and feel empowered to do the right thing -- always and everywhere.

And if you feel it is right for you, please join us for a 30 minute prayer vigil, at church, on Sunday March 13th at 2:00 p.m., for PEACE in Ukraine and Russia and all other places where people live in fear for their lives.

I pray that you will find comfort in the title, “Why are you pouring from your own cup?” by Olivia Kamil Smarr and will learn new ways of self-care.


Beloveds, let us continue to pray for one another, care for ourselves, and never force ourselves to do anything that is not life giving for us. Let us continue to do our part in making this world a just and safer place for all God’s people! And remember God loves you and so do I, and I look forward to seeing you in worship. 


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