Alka's Angle September 3, 2021

Dear Broadway Family,

If you listened to the news this week then you may be aware of the Supreme Court’s decision on abortion in Texas, which takes effect this week, allowing private citizens to sue anyone they even suspect of helping a pregnant person access the services. Two weeks ago we had talked about voting rights under attack! It truly feels like our country has reverted back decades. Lives are at risk and rights are being taken away. I encourage us to let our elected officials know that these are not the right choices for women, persons of color or any minority identity. If you can, donate to organizations that fight against these rules, and/or continue to provide the needed services.

In relation to church, in July, after we made the decision to remain virtual for August, we thought we would be able to open for hybrid worship in September, but I do not feel comfortable opening -- in light of the growing cases of Delta infections in Chicago, us reverting to mandatory indoor masking, and news of several new mutations found in various parts of the world -- at least one of which is suspected to be vaccine resistant. So far they have found their existence mostly in Peru, South Africa and South America. However we need to be mindful of their existence and protect ourselves and those we love by wearing masks and getting vaccinated, if you haven’t already.

If you remember, I had asked you to share topics/scripture you wanted to hear a sermon on! Thanks to all who responded, so based on them -- here is the series that is created:

  • Sept 5: Children living under siege and war, children of Gaza, Yemen, the Sudan, and more (Mark 7:24-31)
  • Sept 12: Guest Preacher Jorge Mujica from ARISE Chicago, our Mission of the Month
  • Sept 19: Eternal Life/Life after death in Heaven (Mark 9: 30-31)
  • Sept 26: Salvation/ Living a life in Christ (Mark 8: 27-38)
  • Oct 3: How do we pray for our enemies? (Matthew 5:43-48)


As we approach fall, we also get ready to welcome our student Interns, yes we have two interns this year. Next week you will get to meet Lee and Pip. I am looking forward to this school year and to navigate this learning relationship with our interns in our virtual world.


Beloveds, there is so much uncertainty around us these days. In the midst of it let us stay focused on the ONE who calls us beloveds, and calls us always to stand on the side of justice, to love unconditionally and to work towards building God’s kin-dom here and now, and don’t forget, I continue to be your partner in this work! I look forward to seeing you in worship this Sunday!