Lee's Lexicon March 11, 2022

Hello Broadway!

So once again you will all be witness to my ongoing fascination with Scandinavian languages, because I've got (another) Swedish word this week.

Mångata is a compound word, formed from 'moon' and 'road', meaning the reflection of the moon on water, which often looks like a road or a path.

It's a fun, poetic word, and I love fun, poetic words, so I was always going to use this one at some point, but I'm using it now, during Lent, because of the fact that Lent is, as I've mentioned, a journey. The journey of Christ to the cross, and our own journey alongside him.

Now, just as Lent is a journey, so is...all our lives. Everything is a journey. Every destination is also the beginning of a new journey, a new road.

And sometimes, that road seems as unclear, as mysterious and magical, as the reflection of the moon on water. Sometimes it seems as fragile as the moon-road on the water.

But even as it may be fragile, even as it may seem unclear, it is always there, always waiting for us to follow it. Even when the road disappears, our journey continues - and eventually, though it may take a while, we'll see it again, and change direction to suit the new path, the new reflection in the water on a new night.

And the way we we're going may not be the way God is calling us to go - and the way God is calling us to go may not be the way we want to go, or the way that we've been told we should go.

It can be hard, to follow the moon-road, the reflection of God and Their will for us, rather than the harsh, asphalt ones that we're told are the paths to success in this perfectionist, fast-moving society.



But Jesus never said following him would be easy - only that it would be worth it.


Lee M. Rollins

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