Mack's Minute December 4, 2019

This past Sunday we heard about Sacred Time and the importance of making the most of what time we have right now. To slow down. To take a break. To check in with ourselves and our loved ones instead of watching that next episode. I know that’s something that’s difficult for me. As a read this passage of Matthew 24:36-44, I am reminded of all the people in my life who are constantly wondering about when Jesus is coming back. And some of them get so caught up in thinking about this future, that they forget about the here and now. That right now, in this Sacred Time, there is so much we can do. We can spend time with family or make time for friends we haven’t seen in a while. We can spend an hour helping at a food pantry. We can join a new class or club. We can take a few minutes to journal or meditate. What is keeping you from being fully present in this time? What claims your time more than it should? This week, make an intentional effort to focus on Sacred Time and to slow down and enjoy life.