Mack's Minute May 8, 2020

I have a story that I really wanted to fit into my sermon for this coming Sunday, but it just wasn’t working. So I thought I would share it here instead.

My freshman year of college, I applied to be an RA (resident assistant). This was something that I felt I needed to do. My brother had been an RA all three years he could while he was in college (the same college I went to), and being an RA meant free room and board, free meal plan, and a small stipend for working the front desk. This would immensely reduce the amount of loans I had to take out, and it would look good on future job/grad school applications. So when I received the letter that I was not chosen, I was distraught, to say the least. I felt like my whole future was crumbling away. I wasn’t good enough to be an RA, so clearly I wouldn’t be good enough to get a job after graduation. I felt like God had left me, because I had prayed continuously to get this position. What was I supposed to do now?

When my sophomore year started, I went to the activities/clubs fair to get all the free stuff. I noticed that one booth was giving away some really cool hats with flames on them, so of course I went over to see who they were. The guy there was from a local Campus Life group for Beech Grove High School. After learning more about the organization, I wrote my name and email on their list and took one of the hats. Not long after that I received an email from another Campus Life director for Southport Middle School, and I eagerly wrote back saying I’d love to volunteer. After all, I had a lot of free time since I wasn’t an RA.

Now you may have recognized the name Campus Life because volunteering with them is an integral part of my call story. After working with them for a year, I decided I wanted to be an intern, and soon after that I changed my major and decided I wanted to go into full-time ministry. When I was denied an RA position, I thought it was the end of the world. It was a door slammed in my face, and I didn’t see a way around. But this was truly a blessing for me. When that door was a shut, a window opened up. If I had been an RA, there’s no way I would have joined Campus Life, and I wouldn’t be where I am today. Sometimes when there’s a roadblock in your path, God opens up a new way.