Pip's Perspective April 29, 2022

Hello Broadway! 

Just so you know, I will be taking the Summer off from my internship, so my last Sunday with you all this year will be May 29th. My first Sunday back will be September 4th. I will miss all of you, however, it is important that I take a chance to recharge my batteries before beginning my second year of internship. 

That means, only a few weeks left if anyone wants to take me out to coffee or lunch, and get a chance to chat! Also available to talk on the phone or by email in the next few weeks!

Also, sorry about cancelling the ONE Northside Housing Insecurity Teach-In. Working on rescheduling that towards the end of May, so stay tuned.


It has been a pleasure serving at Broadway this year, and I'm looking forward to next year taking the work deeper! 

Be blessed, 


Epiphany (Pip) Paris