Pip's Perspective March 17, 2023

Hi Broadway Family, 

This week, I'm going to share more briefly. 

Thank you to everyone who has shared your thoughts with me about the sermon I preached this last Sunday, March 12th! 

Honestly, I tried to tell my take on Jesus' living waters of forgiveness without going into my own story, but I was unable to find a way to speak on the subject of grace without explaining what it means to me personally. I think this is good, sometimes we need to share what is in our hearts. Thank you all for your kind and encouraging responses. 

Because I've experienced firsthand the relief of receiving grace, I wish to further grace's work in the world. Like, to people who are incarcerated. 

If I am right that none of us is the worst thing we've ever done, and that Jesus offers us grace and forgiveness, then what is asked of us towards other people? What can we extend to people who are locked behind bars, who are experiencing a kind of ongoing punishment for their sins? People in jails and prisons experience many types of trauma against their persons. Is this "justice" system keeping us safe? Does locking away people offer healing or restitution to victims? Even if full alternatives don't exist yet, is there anything we can do now in the direction of healing and creating the beloved community, even with those who have done harm? 

Please, as always, reach out to me with any thoughts, questions or feelings on this or any matter. I love connecting with you, and I'm happy to explore topics about the world, or anything sitting in your own heart. 


Be Blessed,