Pip's Perspective September 17, 2021

Hi everyone, I've been thinking a lot about you, and wanting to get to know you all more! So far, only one taker on "Brunch with the Intern," only one person so far who has expressed interest in taking me out to coffee/breakfast/lunch/whatever. I hope to see a lot more of you. You can email me at pipaylaparis@gmail.com to schedule a time to spend with me. 

If you feel like you are too shy to meet with me in person, no problem! If this is the case for you, I'd love an email! You can tell me about yourself that way, if you'd like.

I'm thinking about good "getting to know you" questions. One question is "where are you from?" I answered this a bit in my first column, I was born in South Dakota. Truth is, I've moved a lot. I lived in various cities in South Dakota until I was 14. By the time I was 18, I'd also lived in Wisconsin and Minnesota. I was an undergrad in Wisconsin. Also as an adult, I've lived in Illinois, Virginia, North Carolina and Florida. I've lived in Chicago, however, for 9 years now, and my child Joy has been attending Nettelhorst since 1st grade (they are now in 8th grade!). 

Please, tell me more about you! Whether in person or by email, where all have you lived? How long have you lived in Chicago? Do you like it here? 

Until I talk with you next week, blessings!

Epiphany (Pip) Paris